Hello! :)

My name is Caio Teixeira, I’m a software engineer from São Paulo, Brazil. I wrote my first piece of code when I was at high school and began to explore the world of game development, from that moment I decided that I wanted to learn how to build amazing things for computers.

I am a graduate student in Computer Science, doing the amazing Online Master of Science program from Georgia Institute of Technology. I lived one year in Los Angeles studying Videogame Programming at the University of Southern California (Fight On!) and graduated on Computer Information Systems at the University of São Paulo. I had amazing internships working on educational games in a research lab and low-level engine programming at Activision (working on the Call of Duty tech team) and currently, I am working as a generalist Game Programmer at Tapps Games, working on Mobile Games and internal tools. My mid-term goal is to specialize in game engine/graphics programming and optimization, so many of my personal studies and projects are on those subjects.

Besides all the software engineering stuff, I also have interest in a range of nerdy subjects, including science fiction and fantasy books/movies, aviation, history, geopolitics, and economy. Of course, I play videogames and you can easily find me spending most of my free time playing Civilization, Kerbal Space Program, Cities Skylines or any new tycoon-like game :)