Hello, I’m Caio Teixeira :)

I’m a Software Engineer based in São Paulo, Brazil, with 7 years of experience working in the games industry, I am specialized in Game Programming, Engine Programming and Performance Optimization.

My Services


Do you need an extra hand to develop your game, tool or app? Maybe I can help you :)


Your game is laggy and you don’t now why? I can help you! :)

Tech Consultancy

For when you have a difficult problem to solve. I can help you to find a good solution :)

Recent Posts

How to reduce Unity build times

5 minute read

Large Unity projects can take a long time to build, in this post I describe some good ways to optimize build times that I learned with my past projects.

Toy Engine Devlog #1 - DX12 and Imgui

2 minute read

It’s been a while since last time, mostly because I spent my last months working a lot and trying to find time to finish this project, so I hadn’t the time t...

Toy Engine Devlog #0 - Hello World!

4 minute read

During the past weeks, I have been working on a toy game/graphics engine in my free time (which is basically weekends and holidays) as part of my bachelor th...