Hey, I’m Caio Teixeira. I’ve been working with software development since 2014, mostly with game development. I am based in São Paulo, Brazil, but I also lived for some time in Los Angeles, California, and Portland, Maine.


I discovered my passion for technology and computer science through Game Development, I used to build small games with RPG Maker during my childhood. I began to build stuff with Unity3D 9 years ago when I was doing a final project at High School. After that, I worked on several different game projects, I worked on small game jam projects, built educational games for a MOOC, did an internship working on engine programming for a AAA project, shipped three mobile games for Android and iOS, and worked on several shared core libraries used by many different projects.

My strongest technical skills are Unity3D and C# (+9 years), C++, Graphics Programming, and writing high-performance code (cache-efficient, parallel programming, SIMD, CPU, and memory utilization, etc.). I strive to be a flexible T-shaped engineer that can work on any kind of technical problem, I am always trying to learn new things out of my comfort zone, so I also learned the basics of Web Development, Mobile Programming and Automation by working on projects like a WordPress website, native mobile plugins for Android and iOS, a NodeJS backend for a multiplayer game, a Docker based build automation pipeline, etc.


I went to University of São Paulo (USP) where I got a B.S. in Computer Information Systems. At USP I learned all the theory and practice about Computer Science and Algorithms, and also went to business classes like business administration, economics, accounting, etc.

In 2015, I went to a one-year exchange program at University of Southern California (USC) where I got a Video Game Programming specialization certificate. At USC, I solidified my knowledge of game development by attending several classes on computer graphics, engine programming, advanced C++, multiplayer game development, etc. Most of those classes were taught by games industry veterans, which was amazing and quite inspiring for me.

Right now, I am a graduate student going through the Online Master of Science in Computer Science program of Georgia Institute of Technology. I am mostly doing it for personal fulfillment, so my goal is to deepen my knowledge on topics like computer architecture, distributed systems, programming languages, high-performance computing, artificial intelligence, etc.

Hobbies and Interests

These are some of the things that I do when I am not working or studying:

  • 🚀 Aviation and Space enthusiast. Before computer science became my clear career goal, I wanted to be a pilot 🙃
  • 📈 Financial market, macroeconomics and investing. I was always interested in all of it 🤑
  • 📚 Read good books 😀
  • ⚔️ I am Fantasy and Sci-fi nerd, always reading and watching all the new good content 🤓
  • 🎮 Of course, I like to play good games 😅