Bid Wars Stars

Bid Wars Stars is a real-time multiplayer game with an auction simulation gameplay. This project was a big challenge for two reasons: this was the company’s first multiplayer game and we had a tight schedule of 9 months from pre-production to global launch.

I was one of the technical leaders of the project, my focus was on the Unity client, gameplay features, and content creation/live-ops tooling.

Main contributions

  • System architecture design
  • Strive for a balance between fast delivery and quality
  • Mentoring other developers
  • Create a content creation pipeline for designers and artists
  • Gameplay programming on both client and server
  • UI programming

Tech stack

  • Mobile Client: Unity/C#
  • Backend: Javascript, NodeJS, Colyseus, Kubernetes, Google Data Store
  • Content creation and Live ops tools: Unity/C#, Javascript, VueJS, Blender
  • Native SDKs: Firebase, Facebook, Apple login, AppsFlyer, AdMob, Vungle, IronSource, etc.
Lobby screen Bid Wars Stars gameplay Bid Wars Stars gameplay City Selection screen Store screen Pawn shop screen