Decor Dream

Decor Dream is a home design game with narrative and a match-3 side-loop. This project was the first game with a 3D asset pipeline on the company, so my team also had a goal of creating a new asset pipeline.

I worked on this project during one year of its production. Most of my work was related to set up a graphics pipeline for the home design gameplay, creating tools for 3D artists and narrative designers. I was also responsible for some performance optimizations on both gameplay and rendering.

Main contributions

  • Created an asset pipeline for 3D models and animations.
  • Setup rendering for home design gameplay, including tools for asset validation and baking lights/ambient occlusion.
  • Created tooling to enable narrative designers to create content.
  • Profiling and performance optimization on both gameplay and rendering.

Tech stack

  • Mobile client and tools: Unity/C#, Fungus
  • Asset pipeline: Maya and Maya SDK, Python and PyQt
  • Native SDKs: Firebase, Facebook SDK, AppsFlyer, AdMob, Vungle, IronSource, etc.
Decoration selection screen Home design gameplay Match-3 gameplay An example of a narrative dialog Room completion cinematics City selection cinematics