Starside Celebrity Island

Starside Celebrity Island is a match-3 game with a customization side-loop and a strong narrative. This project was the first project made with Unity in the company, so my team was also responsible for building some of the core shared libraries like analytics, audio, ads, in-app-purchases, DLC’s, etc.

I was one of the developers on the initial team and worked on it for two years, going through pre-production, production, soft-launch, global-launch, and live operation.

Main contributions

  • Implement gameplay features on both Match-3 and customization loops
  • Profiling and performance optimization
  • Design and implement shared libraries
  • Create a content creation pipeline for designers and artists
  • Implement tooling for match-3 balancing
  • Implement live-ops features like parallel progression events
  • UI programming

Tech stack

  • Mobile client and tools: Unity/C#, Fungus
  • Native SDKs: Firebase, Facebook SDK, AppsFlyer, AdMob, Vungle, IronSource, etc.
Promo image with celebrities Customization screen Match3 gameplay